Vincentian Remembered

Gil Lescher was one of City Conferences longest serving members. A Vincentian since the 1950’s, we remember Gil and her contribution to her community through her words of reflection before passing in late 2018.

"When I think back now on it all, the many wonderful people I have met (including our St Vincent de Paul members), I have no regrets at all. Sometimes it wasn’t easy but it has been all so worthwhile.”

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A Sustainable Society

While the use of recycling in sustainable living is sometimes seen as an extra (and often avoided) financial burden, over the last year Vinnies in Wellington has made efforts to prove the opposite, by opting for low-cost methods of waste disposal. This has been achieved with the help of a “Your Sustainable Workplace” audit by Sustainability Trust, a gradual elimination of the use of plastics in op shops, and the successful Re Sew programme operating since November in a space above Vinnies in Kilbirnie.

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