The Council Flat Blues


The Council Flat Blues | Poem by Kate, resident at Newtown Park Flats.


Livin' by myself in a council flat Own no dog, no bird, no cat But I'm not lonely
Got the telephone on Checked the dial tone But I'm not lonely
Son didn't visit Daughter's busy But I'm not lonely
Grandkids on holidays They're doin' activities But I'm not lonely
Muh radio is blarin' Outside people are chattin' But I'm not lonely
Pigeon's lookin' in and bobbin' its head We're not allowed to give 'em bread But I'm not lonely
I've watched muh TV programs Now its playin' the infomercials But I'm not lonely
It’s early hours of the mornin' Everyone's wrapped up in bed and sleepin' Whatsit gonna take to not be lonely? 


Catherine, Vinnies City Conference Member:

Kate lives at Newtown Park Flats and is a dedicated writer of poetry and fiction. This helps her to manage the considerable challenges in her life. As a City conference member, I visit her as often as she requests. We both enjoy the visits and have interesting conversations about her work. I am very fortunate to read some of her draft writing as she’s a very good story teller.