Meet the Team - Tomi Smith

Tomi, one of the Societies youth volunteers, first started helping at the Newtown Op Shop, but quickly moved on to join the van team. He now helps with pick-ups, deliveries and trips to trash palace. He’s come a long way, growing in confidence “and muscles,” he laughs, with Simon, one of the van drivers, helping him learn the ropes and giving him a hand with his studies at WelTec.

When he isn’t helping out with Vinnies he’s playing sports like golf, athletics, & tenpin bowling. He’s also a star on the basketball court, playing in the regionals.

Mondays and Thursdays are tough, but I still love the work.” His favourite part is taking trips to trash palace and hanging out with the other drivers, Simon, Rangi and Nick. “My girlfriend complains I spend too much time working, but I won’t be leaving any time soon.” He’s been busy with a few events during the Wellington summer, but is keeping his sights on the driver job. He hopes he can stay part of the team forever, but will first need his licence. He has a test coming up and has been studying hard. Good luck Tomi, we’ve got our fingers crossed!