A Brief Introduction to our new Young Adults Coordinator.


Meet the team: James Croash

Coming all the way from Ireland, James is our new Young Adults Coordinator.

We asked James a few hard hitting questions to really get to know what makes him tick...

Born: I'm from Dublin where I started volunteering with Vinnies at Trinity College Dublin.

Favourite food: I'd like to say ceasar salad or a good steak, but to honest, at the end of the day, sometimes you just need some chicken nuggets.

Hobbies?: Back in Ireland, my main hobby was funnily enough, volunteering with Vinnies. But since moving here, I’ve been all about exploring new things and trying to take in as much as New Zealand can offer. I haven’t come close yet but I’m trying, which is the main thing.

What superpower: The trick with superpowers is not to have one that makes you a target. Everyone wants to be the guy to take down superman, but no super villain wants to waste their time hunting down the guy who can speed up their Internet connection slightly.

What makes Vinnies different?
What makes Vinnies special for me, are the friends I made volunteering. They're a special bunch of people that were brought together with a common purpose of wanting to help people, and have fun doing it.

One thing you want to achieve in this role?
I'd like to foster an atmosphere where any member can put forward ideas, and to help a any young adult in the Society to fell like it's their society, and not like they’re tagging along to someone else’s.