Thank You Vincentians

On Thursday 6 December 2018, we celebrated our amazing Vinnies whānau and the work that has been achieved throughout 2018.

As a majority volunteer-based organisation, we rely on the generosity of everyday people giving their time to support the greater mission of Vinnies Wellington - which is to simply help people.

Thank you to our Vincentians of 2018!

"Here's to the everyday heroes,
The volunteers who do what they can,
To ease the suffering of others,
And be a service to their fellow man.

May they know the true satisfaction
That comes from helping others
Less fortunate than themselves,
But no less their sisters and brothers.

May the feel the gratitude in our hearts
For all of the good that they've done.
The appreciation that we all feel for them
Is truly second to none."

Thank you to Mornington Golf Club for donating the use of their facilities and to Ngareta Mason (Altar Bread Supervisor) for cooking the delicious spread.