Welcome to the team: Tania, Community Social Worker

We welcome Tania to the team as the new Vinnies Community Social Worker. Based from the Newtown Welfare & Services office, Tania will be providing support to the diverse range of people and complex needs that come through our doors.

Community Social Worker, Tania.

Community Social Worker, Tania.

“I came from Whakatāne last year for a lifestyle change with husband Dave, after 23 years in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Our daughter is in her 4th year at Victoria University, so it’s also good to have time with her. I previously worked as a health Social Worker in Whakatāne Hospital and more recently in palliative care at Mary Potter Hospice

I love social work because I have a passion for helping people create change however small to make their world better. I practice holistically, constantly observing people’s worlds and wellbeing, unpacking how environment and systems impact emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Being able to assist is a privilege, and for me I think social work is a vocation. I applied for this role as I was missing the ‘grit’ of frontline work and wanted a change from health social work.

My role in Whakatāne, whilst in hospital, was one well involved in community networks and I am looking forward to networking in this community, working alongside this awesome team to support people in Wellington. 

I’ve been asked to say a couple of things about food and what I like to do, so I love any food really, but a favourite is anything involving cheese!  Let’s be honest, cheese, wine and chips.  I love to be outdoors, going for a run in the bush and hanging out with my family and friends having lots of laughs.  I love animals and got to feed a giraffe at Wellington Zoo this year which was cool!  We owned three pet alpacas in Whakatāne and being too big for a city garden (!) were rehomed before moving.. They are hilarious and gentle creatures who brought a lot of joy with their antics.  Our wee dog Daisy (mini schnauzer/poodle cross), came with us to adapt to city life and is an adored family member (probably too adored!). 

I look forward to getting into the swing of things and meeting more of you as time goes on.”

04 389 7122