Suffrage in Stitches.


Wellington Museum
3 Jervois Quay, Wellington

2 - 31 August

A collaborate project between Vinnies Re Sew, Wellington Museum and the community. Recreating the suffrage petition through fabric, stories and conversations.

The exhibition, called Suffrage in Stitches is a 300 metre textile work which has been created during the 125th anniversary year of women’s suffrage by 546 individuals, families and groups from New Zealand and beyond, honouring the ‘ordinary’ woman and men who signed the 1893 Suffrage petition. The project was open to anyone regardless of age or experience.

Makers have discovered a love of history and a fascination for the past and a renewed appreciation for those who went before us, as well as for many an introduction to new friends, craft & recycling skills. 

It  is a great celebration of people and shows how one craft based idea can connect and bring people together from multiple backgrounds, communities and generations.

The finished piece IS:

  • 300m long the length of the original petition

  • 546 panels the number of pages in the petition

  • 25,521 hand stitches the number of votes in the petition

Each individual panel is displayed on the Suffrage in Stitches blog alongside information about the maker and the women it is honouring:

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