Suffrage in Stitches.


A collaborate project between Vinnies Re Sew and the community. Recreating the suffrage petition through fabric, stories and conversations.

With the help of 546 individual New Zealand makers and a lot of recycled textiles, Vinnies Re Sew will be creating an extraordinary textile work reflecting the physical size of the original suffrage petition and celebrating it through stitching the lives of the woman petitioners of 1893 and beyond.



Wellington Museum
3 Jervois Quay, Wellington

2 - 31 August

The exhibition will also include a range of workshops including some demonstrating the skills used on the panels.


The finished piece will be:

  • 300m long the length of the original petition

  • 546 panels the number of pages in the petition

  • 25,521 hand stitches the number of votes in the petition

Each individual panel will be displayed on the Suffrage in Stitches blog alongside information about the maker and the women it is honouring:

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