Join your local Conference.


Vinnies Conferences live their faith in action by visiting people in their homes or in the community, providing friendship and support to those they serve and to each other. 

Our Conference members, who come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, bring a great depth of understanding, expertise and compassion to their service and involvement in the Society. 

Each Conference is committed to a spiritual dimension as part of the Charism of the Society.


If you are interested in finding out more about your local Conference, please contact:

Or contact a Conference directly through their parish. See below:


Active Conferences and their parishes:

  • Newlands: St Andrew's Catholic Church

  • Johnsonville: St Peter and Pauls Church

  • Onslow: St Benedict’s Church

  • Otari: St Thomas Moore/St Teresa

  • City: St.Mary of the Angel's Church

  • Seatoun/ Miramar: St Anthony's Church and Holy Cross Church

  • Young Adults:

What does a Conference do?

Dependent on local need, members have the opportunity to be involved in a range of services, including:

  • Home visitation

  • Physical/Mental Health support

  • Material assistance

  • Home service support

  • Food support and delivery

  • Transport

  • Advocacy

  • Migrant and refugee support


What commitment do I need to make?

The Society recognises that the level of involvement people can commit to will vary depending on their personal circumstances. There are two levels of membership:

  • Conference members committed to living the Society mission and serving those in need and attending regular conference meetings.

  • Associate members committed to living the Society mission and serving those in need but do not attend conference meetings.


Do i need to be Catholic to become a member?

No. The Society welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs. The Society is a lay Catholic organisation and exploring and sharing our Vincentian spirituality is an integral component of our Charism.