Upcoming project:

Waste to Warmth

Barbara Wheeler, an Australian textile artist will be working with Vinnies Re Sew participants to design, create and dye winter clothing items out of recycled textiles.

7 October - 15 November

Contact Vinnies Re Sew for more information and to register for the Waste to Warmth, 6 week workshop.


Turning textile waste into new opportunities. 


Vinnies Wellington spends close to $18,000 on dumping goods each year; most of this is textile waste. This is money we could be spending on our welfare services supporting vulnerable people in the community.


Vinnies Re Sew aims to reduce textile waste while creating social and economic opportunities. Discarded clothing and textiles that aren’t sold in our Op Shops is now turned into new products, repaired for resale or passed onto other community group projects.



Annual amount spent on dump fees by Vinnies Wellington.


of NZ landfill is made up of textile waste.


100 million+

kilos of clothing dumped in landfills each year by kiwis.

less than 50%

of the clothing donated to charities meet the demands and quality standards to be resold.


Vinnies Re Sew

We are an up-cycling, sustainable sewing initiative focused on re-purposing the textiles we can’t sell in Vinnies Op Shops, while creating meaningful activities and opportunities for anyone within the Wellington area.

Join our diverse community of like-minded people putting value back into waste.

Grandmother with her granddaughter

We are a Community Hub.  

We are a space where ideas, crafts and skills are shared across generations and the cultures that live in our diverse community. 

Alongside the daily volunteer and collaborative opportunities, we provide a supportive, inclusive learning environment. Offered to participants from welfare services, new immigrants, refugees and supported bridging programs, we work with each individual to build their confidence and skill set so that they can move on into paid work or further education.


Buy Re Sew.

We create a variety of products out of recycled textiles and clothing. Re Sew products and fabrics can be purchased from: 

  • Local fairs (see calendar for the next Re Sew stall).

  • Direct from our Re Sew hub in Kilbirnie.

  • Trade Me.

We also sell quality fabrics and haberdashery with the profits going back into sustaining our mission.



Say Hi.


Mezzanine Level
32 Rongotai Road
Wellington 6021


Monday - Friday
9:30am - 4:30pm


Textile Recycling Co-ordinator & Sewing Tutor
Caroline O'Reilly

027 499 4882

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